Division 3 - Standings & Fixtures

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I don't know if it's true, but there were rumors Bz would maybe be D1 when they had Kay, so if that's true falling 2 divisions because of one player seems odd. As Devoty said, Bz has 2 players that have contributed largely for many teams in nice D2 runs (Sebi and Maxim) over the course of the 8d (and 8u) and both have shown they can hold their own in Division 1. Add the former D3 MVP Devoty, and 3 other players that more than comfortably held their own in division 4 last season (Jinny / Aspio / Dugo), on paper that is much stronger than WEC (and stronger than wf imo).
@Teeples always right.


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This was the only mistake of the MKU Staff in high divs to put Bz too low, which could be avoided imo


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Congrats everyone i've played close wars and it was pretty interesting. Good luck for your future seasons !