[Gold SF] ıF 451 - 434 S¢

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you know me
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ggs we forgot the random race 1 rule again GOMEN

sawasawa's points were taken in accordance to the rule violated (79 -> 0)
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Tsubaki Katagiri

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Due to a violation of the rule 3.4, Sawa's points are getting subtracted from this match, therefore, the final score is iF 451 - 434 S¢.
Players must only play for the team with which they are registered in MKCentral. Allying and alting are forbidden. If this is a planned occurrence, the removal of the guilty team will be strongly considered, this includes FC changes without prior notice.
  • Teams participating that have members from outside the Americas can use up to 1 foreign players. For example, This means that a team can have 5 American players and 1 British player.
  • This rule excludes australian and asian teams
This rule is getting reviewed by the AC staff at the moment. It will be improved for the future seasons.
We apologize if this has caused any misunderstandings.