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SEEDING INQUIRY DEADLINE: AUGUST 30, 2023 @ 23:59:59 PM UTC (7:59 PM ET, 1:59 CEST)

Hello, everyone! Below are the preliminary seedings for Season 22. Needless to say, our expectations were blown away by the number of teams who ended up registering this season; we not only set a new record of eligible teams in the process, but we also ended up with 23 total divisions (although the last two divisions consist of six teams instead of the usual eight due to numbers). Whether you are a newer team or one that has been around for a while, we want to thank you all for registering, as this obviously would not be possible without you!

As always, these seedings are not final and are subject to change based on information we receive over the next week or so. Teams are alphabetically listed in their respective conferences under each division, with the tentative division admin(s) being included as well.

Given the shifts that have occurred all throughout the league, you may notice that your team has ended up in a division you were not expecting (even if you previously won a division). As always, with the abundance of newer and returning teams that are eligible for the season — along with player transfers and other factors — the placement of other teams is naturally affected. Please keep this in mind before reviewing the seedings.

Additionally, this thread should only be used for discussing your own team's placement. If you feel your team has been displaced, either because you were put in a division too high or a division too low, you should address it here. All requests should be detailed, including thorough explanations with convincing proof, which can range from war results with 6/6 eligible players (preferably no earlier than July), placements in recent tournaments, and anything else you or your team deem to be relevant.

All teams will have until Wednesday, August 30, at 23:59:59 UTC (7:59 PM ET, 1:59 CEST) to present their cases to be promoted or demoted on this thread. This may be subject to change depending on the number of cases we receive, so we encourage you to present your argument sooner rather than later in case the deadline changes.

Please note that cases will only be considered if they are posted on this thread; you should only message a staff member to inform them about your team's plans to make a case. Also, if you are not here to argue for your team, or you make a post that holds no pertinence, you will be thread banned.

Mario Kart Universal Season 22 Preliminary Seedings

Division 1 | Division Admin: @jacob_us

Conference A
Arcadia Sky
High Definition

Conference B
Les Lions de l'Atlas
Rozando la Katástrofe
Sky Garden

Division 2 | Division Admin: @tut8925

Conference A
Fire Hydrant
Sweatyzard X
World Friend

Conference B
Divine Phoenix
Heroes of tier F
Midnight Wasps
Namek City

Division 3 | Division Admin: @uSchism

Conference A
Jasaal Team suena bien

Conference B
Battle Brigade
De Fabeltjeskrant
Mushroom Team X
Ronrons Ronflex

Division 4 | Division Admin: @myles

Conference A
2 viandes minimum
Arcadia Terra
Les Lions de la Teranga
Yoshi Family Galaxy

Conference B
Nferno Blaze
Race in the Space
Sadistisk obalans u-sväng långsam
Yoshi Family Odyssey

Division 5 | Division Admin: @Batboo

Conference A
Battle Batallion
Mushroom Team Y
Star Plus

Conference B
Omelette Frites
Rainbow Fun Rubis
Version 2
Wii Elite Clan Gold

Division 6 | Division Admins: @AUS Shuu & @Cynthia.

Conference A
Kartnita Asada
Knights of Wheels
Ronrons Goinfrex
Speed Stars

Conference B
La Meute
Light of the Night

Division 7 | Division Admin: @Arti

Conference A
Elixir Laboratory
Lethal Vengeance
Snow Fox

Conference B
Los novios de tu hermana
Sunday Mosquitoes

Division 8 | Division Admin: @Alejandro

Conference A
Epines Volantes
Team Boss
Trivial Matters

Conference B
Les Lions Indomptables
TR eSports

Division 9 | Division Admin: @MicheL

Conference A
Flaming Phoenix
Wii Elite Clan Crystal

Conference B
Nferno Celestial
Rainbow Fun Saphir

Division 10 | Division Admin: @Pakt

Conference A
Chan-Clan Senpai

Conference B
Bro is the host
Cocktail Madeleine
Dark Phantom Knights
Kartvengers Team

Division 11 | Division Admin: @Howl

Conference A
Dragon Bill Z
Equipo Fenix
Noite Sinistra
Reigning Racers

Conference B
Chayanne Party
Noob Reborn
Rodstars Crusaders

Division 12 | Division Admin: @Pantastico

Conference A
Crash Maniacs 2
Kartvengers Team Alpha
Omelette du Fromage

Conference B
Inka Warriors Hurin
Maxed Ambition
Race in the Sky
Rapides et Furieux

Division 13 | Division Admin: @Brandon

Conference A
Alliance Rainbow 2
Cloud Nine
Yoshi Family Sunshine

Conference B
Dragon Blue
Elixir Academy
Kiss My Assembly
Lethal Vendetta

Division 14 | Division Admin: @False King

Conference A
Los Materos
TR eSports 2
Wii Elite Clan Silver

Conference B
La Hoop
Moorte de Rire
Sweatyzard Z
Yoshi Ganq

Division 15 | Division Admins: @AUS Shuu & @Blue Orange

Conference A
Contingency 2
Silent Lightning
Team Upload

Conference B
Class 2
Flat Tires United
Return of Zenith

Division 16 | Division Admin: @chrod64

Conference A
Claquette Chaussette Crew
let him cook
Thunder Karts

Conference B
Neko Knights
Nferno Electric

Division 17 | Division Admin: @Ulvind

Conference A
Fondation du Futur
Nakama Clan
No Stars No Dreams
Race in the Stars

Conference B
Snow Owl

Division 18 | Division Admin: @Otta

Conference A
Elixir Deluxe
Pirate Hackers
Prime 6 Stars

Conference B
Kamek Stars
Koopain Polis
Turbo Diesel
Yoshi Rangers

Division 19 | Division Admins: @ApG77 & @AUS Shuu

Conference A
Borrachos Team
DK Drifters

Conference B
Games with Alex
Making Llajua
Rattata Racers
Reigning Racers 2

Division 20 | Division Admin: @Fchy

Conference A
Flaming Phoenix Uprising
Maxed Ambition 2

Conference B
Frères de Poulpe
Nferno Storm
Umt dans le neutral

Division 21 | Division Admin: @mustea

Conference A
Merekes Racing
No Skill
Prime 6
Yoshi Rangers 2

Conference B
Hardcore Noobs

Division 22 | Division Admins: @Outer & @Pantastico

Eternal Fire
Silent Bolt
Vallecanos on Fire

Division 23 | Division Admin: @Yasn

Atomik y Pro Kars
Galactic Plant
Kitty Bill
One Track

Unseeded Teams:
Alpha Klan
No Luck

If you are on one of these teams and would like more information, you may contact a staff member or open a ticket in our server. Thanks.
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Underseeded, will post more here to keep yal updated.


hello, on behalf of Yoshi Family Sunshine i would like to request for us to be moved down to division 13. I know all of our players have played with Yoshi Family in mid-high division, but most of us aren't playing the game anymore, and stopped before the booster pass started to drop. When you're playing with 3-4-5 players who don't know half of the map available makes our level drop quite heavily, and results proves it :

Tie and a loss against Rapides et Furieux (d12) :


2 losses against Kiss My Assembly (d13) :


A really close win against TR eSports 2 (d14) :

A loss against Koopain Polis (d18) (it was a only boost pass maps war, this is where you can see a lineup of 5 players who don't know the booster pass maps is restrictive for us) :

Thank you for your time and consideration. And if we don't go down, to division 11 : Buena suerte a todos, espero que se diviertan (i'm trainig my spanish to be ready)


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Hello, we (Hornets) would like to move up to Division 3 this season

2 wars vs LT (D3):


War vs NFO Blaze (D4):

War vs 3 ARC 1 + 3 ARC 2 (I think it is a D3 level):

If we have other table this week, I will sent it. Thank you for your consideration.


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Hi! I'm Prime 6 (team 2) manager and we think that div 23 is pretty low for us. Two of us were main LU of team 1, and we had tests about our gaming. We believe div 20 or 21 is right for us. Could you review? Follow the tables to check our games. Tks!






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Hello, Race in the Space would like to move down to D5. We feel like we were overseeded, since our roster didn't change much (our only noticeable change was getting Shad) and considering we've been performing really bad last seasons in D6, we don't think we're gonna do anything in D4.

We had good results in Paradigm and we understand that it seems like we've improved a lot (and we have), but we've tried to find friendly wars against D4 teams and we're not getting any good results, even when Shad is playing.

Here are some of our results:

(RR went with 3 members from RR1 and 3 from RR2)

(Full RR2)

We understand how challenging making seeds is, but we've always been overseeded and haven't won more than 3 matches since season 18 because we always find ourselves outclassed by teams that are clearly better than us, and being as hyped as we were for our promising performance, we now feel disappointed and afraid that this season is gonna end just as the latest ones.

Anyways, thank you for your time!
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Yo! I'm making this post in response to Super's because I would like for us not to be promoted and to stay in D5. Ik on paper we look strong for the div but the people that you think are strong have yet to get a chance to play together and probably won't be able to throughout the season. We're using this season as a way to build solid and lasting chemistry. We've built some, but it's slow progress.....As I can only play on weekends. We haven't built enough chemistry as the other, more established D4/D5 teams have over the past few seasons and I truly feel that only a handful of us could compete at D4 level atm. I'm even worried about being seeded in D5....Half of our current roster has not even been on the team for more than 2 months. Xeter and Gianluca haven't warred in a good while and are currently busy with irl stuff and will continue to be for the forseeable future. The people who put us at this level aren't gunna be available to play every Sunday and I want to give a chance to the others (who aren't D4/D5 level and active) more play time. V2 and WEC are way more seasoned in this level of competition. Here are some tables with our active members over the past handful of weeks....
And this was the last day Xeter was able to war with us.....
Thank you for reading. Have a good one!


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Hola, soy el líder de Inka Warriors y escribo este mensaje para solicitar que mi equipo sea descendido a la división 12 o 13. Si bien hemos obtenido buenos resultados las últimas tres temporadas, existen diversos factores que nos hacen considerar que no estamos preparados para disputar el torneo en la división 11. A continuación, añado algunos argumentos que apoyan nuestra postura. Prepárense para mucho texto.

1. Transferencias.

Nuestro equipo recibió un golpe bastante fuerte en la alineación titular debido a que Lameth y Koda, dos de nuestros jugadores más fuertes, dejaron el roster después de haber concluído la temporada 21. Asimismo, si bien reclutamos a Xndrest, un jugador que venía de la división 12 con Kartvengers, creemos que su adición no es suficiente para compensar las pérdidas de cara a esta competencia.

2. Actividad Semanal.

Con la salida de las personas ya mencionadas, también tuvimos un decrecimiento notable en la disposición de los jugadores para participar en encuentros entre semana, pues eran miembros sumamente activos para nosotros. También adjudicamos esta disminución de actividad a que muchos jugadores tuvieron que volver a clases este mes y actualmente no tienen la posibilidad de jugar tanto como en otras ocasiones, situación que perjudica a la mitad de nuestro equipo y a 5/8 personas a las que actualmente consideramos parte de la alineación titular.

Desde hace dos meses únicamente pudimos jugar un total de 30 wars (cuando antes jugábamos unas 80) con equipos de media y baja división (adjunto tabla), podría parecer mucho pero la mayoría de los equipos que se consideran activos pueden conseguir estos números sin problemas en unas tres semanas (haciendo una comparación con clanes de nivel similar al nuestro, desconozco cómo sea en las divisiones altas). Además, de 30 encuentros, solamente en 19 pudimos alinear a 6 jugadores elegibles de nuestro roster. Creemos que es suficiente para dar a entender que no hemos podido ser tan constantes y que eso ha afectado duramente nuestras habilidades de juego en equipo y nuestra sinergia. La semana pasada hicimos el intento de jugar más para no empezar tan fríos esta temporada, pero no esperamos que esto sea lo suficientemente consistente durante el resto de la competición o que sea determinante a corto plazo (entenderán que jugar una war cada dos días no es muy efectivo para mejorar en términos de nivel).


Estamos dispuestos a compartir el historial de nuestro chat de disponibilidad para corroborar esta información. No lo adjuntamos aquí porque sería muy engorroso y no lo consideramos necesario, pero estamos abiertos a hacerlo si ustedes sí lo consideran así.

3. Alineación titular.

Como vieron en la tabla anterior, a pesar de contar con 14 miembros en nuestro equipo, la realidad es que son sólo unos 9 o 10 los que participan activamente en los encuentros, número que se reduce cuando hablamos de MKU. Recientente, Inka Warriors ha tenido muchísimos problemas para consolidar una alineación consistente y no esperamos que esta vez sea distinto tomando en cuenta nuestra situación, con decir que nos vimos forzados a reprogramar la final pasada y tuvimos dificultades para juntar 6 cuando nos forzaron a jugar hace dos finales en otro día debería ser suficiente para validar este punto. Ojo, no intento decir que somos propensos a dropear encuentros o la temporada completa, sino que es muy improbable que podamos garantizar una “alineación titular” en 10/10 encuentros.

Por lo tanto, tomando en cuenta todo lo dicho, nuestra alineación más realista sería MEM-cho + Luu + Diego + Carlos + 2 (rotando entre Ale, Jar, Chiki y Xndrest). Algo que dista de temporadas pasadas y de la percepción del staff sobre nuestro clan.

Nuestros jugadores más fuertes no pueden garantizar que estén disponibles para todas las jornadas por estudios o trabajo. Sería muy ingenuo esperar que ganaremos todas ellas sólo por su inclusión. Sin embargo, mantenerlos en el roster es un riesgo que estamos dispuestos a tomar y creemos que esto se puede compensar con aquellos jugadores que juegan eventualmente como DiegoH, Lucas y Arewau, pero no contamos firmemente con ellos porque siempre han tenido dificultades para jugar los fines de semana.

adjunto tabla de nuestra participación durante la temporada 21 por miembro


Como pueden ver, Arewau sólo pudo jugar 3 encuentros en temporada regular, Lucas 1 encuentro y todos los demás que no tienen un 0 no fueron alineados porque no se encontraban disponibles para jugar en fines de semana o no estaban considerados.

4. Resultados semanales.

Procederemos a adjuntar nuestros recientes resultados con equipos de divisiones cercanas a las nuestras (desafortunadamente, esto es lo único que podemos compartirles porque IW no participó en torneos oficiales después de la MKU pasada).

Nota: Nosotros sólo estamos buscando proveer un desempeño más acorde a nuestras posibilidades y no somos quienes dictan los cambios en los seedings. Aclaramos que al adjuntar estas tablas no tenemos la intención de perjudicar a ninguno de los equipos involucrados y esperamos que no hayan repercusiones contra nuestro equipo de parte de otros jugadores a partir de cualquier decisión que el staff tome.

War vs. Corvux (D13).

En este encuentro alineamos a Diego, MEM-cho (los dos más fuertes de IW) y Carlos mientras que ellos incluyeron a JavierGM y Pels, jugadores que participaron en la división 8 con Xtreme Runners la temporada pasada y creemos que son dos de los más fuertes de Corvux. Asimismo, no participó Punisher (también ex-D8) que hasta donde tenemos entendido, todavía no se había trasferido a ese clan en ese momento, por lo que en caso de que nosotros también hubiésemos podido alinear a alguien de un mayor nivel, estamos convencidos de que el resultado no habría cambiado mucho de todos modos.


War vs. Noob Reborn (D11).

Aquí alineamos a MEM-cho, Luu y Carlos (tres jugadores recurrentes en torneos oficiales) y ellos a Egeón, Hera y JabónRey (ex-jugador de Parcero’s Team, D9). Estamos al tanto de que ustedes sólo aceptan tablas con jugadores elegibles, pero por nuestra situación, es el encuentro más reciente que tenemos contra ese equipo donde se cumplen parcialmente los requisitos, hay una tabla donde tenemos un resultado más favorable pero las LU’s son tan distintas y se usan tantos aliados de ambos lados que no vale la pena mostrarlo. Del mismo modo, consideramos que 115 (jugador de IXI Academy) puede ser sustituído por Diego y aún así no sería suficiente para voltear el resultado en una oficial, pues Noob Reborn aún tiene jugadores como LuigiOn (igual ex-D9) y Nico en sus filas.


War vs. Chayanne Party (D11).

En esta war jugaron MEM-cho, Diego y Diego H. Tenemos entendido que los chicos de CP hicieron el intento de usar una alineación fuerte acorde a las posibilidades que tenían el día de ayer. De todos modos consiguieron una victoria bastante sólida contra nosotros.


War vs. Afterparty (D13).

Alineando a nuestros tres mejores jugadores, MEM-cho, Diego y Arewau, no pudimos ser capaces de ganarle a un clan que “en teoría” está dos divisiones por debajo de nosotros. Los chicos de AP jugaron con al menos 4 titulares (según lo que nos comentó su líder) por lo que en caso de que nosotros hubiésemos querido reforzar la alineación, tal vez habríamos volteado el resultado pero no lo suficiente para demostrar que estamos preparados para jugar en la div 11.


De momento no hemos conseguido tablas lo suficientemente válidas contra clanes de la división 12. Pero si para ustedes las pruebas ya adjuntadas no son suficientes para considerar nuestro cambio, haremos el intento de conseguir encuentros contra más equipos y subirlos a este hilo.

Muchas gracias por su tiempo y una disculpa por no hacer una apelación en inglés (no domino tanto el idioma). En caso de que no nos bajen confiaremos en su juicio y lo haremos lo mejor que podamos en la división 11. Que tengan un lindo día.
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Hello! I am the Leader of Afterparty, and as a team we feel like we have been underseeded and would like to be moved up in divisions! As shown in the tables provided, we are more than capable of competing and winning against teams that are above D13, even without top LU. Please advise to the tables shown below:

In this table we didn’t have our full top LU, as we were missing Hex from LU - VS RR1 (D11)

The table shown below while there is someone on our team that isn’t in roster anymore, Miguel, at the time of doing this war he was on the roster. He recently stopped playing kart and left the roster. Also this wasn’t our top LU in this war and we beat them by over 100, even with a D4 ally carry on their team scoring almost a 140, but yet we are in the same division as them - VS C9 (D13)

Once again not full top LU as we were missing cookie from LU - VS Race In The... Mix (only 1 from stars, rest D4/D12)

Full top LU war vs CM2 (D11)

Below, we are missing Hex and Lev from top LU and +128 a team 2 divisions higher - VS IW (D11)


We would also like to mention that during some streams of MKU staff making their opinions on prelim seedings, that some may have overlooked what we did last season, for events that has happened in the 2 seasons before last season. Last season we missed prelims by a tiebreaker, and did not crash and burn like the seasons prior.

3 seasons ago we had an incident with a couple of strong players who left right before MKU, the season after we kicked a strong LU player from roster as at the time we felt that they weren’t a good fit, but last season we didn’t kick anyone right before the season started, and we only missed playoffs by a tiebreaker point, all without using our full top LU for almost the entire season due to real life situations. We have since then added on to our roster and haven’t lost anyone in top LU this off season, and we notably added Lev (aka Thug Shaker on MKC) to our top LU, and we still got moved down. Thank you for taking the time and for considering our proposal.
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Hi! It would be awesome if Games With Alex (I manage this team btw) could be moved up a division or 2. Even though we are seeded D20, we have beaten teams that are seeded at a higher division. Here are a few tables with a full member Lu.

This was against Foundation du Futur (a D17 team). 494 (us) - 490

Against DKD (D19 team). 531 (us) - 453

Against Quarks (also D19). 508 (us) - 476

Against Excitebikers (D17 team). 508 (us) - 476

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


Hello, I'm the leader of Dragon Bill Z.
We think we should be seeded in D12.
Last season we finished 6th in division 10 (in 3-0-7), we had some departures and also PLUM is optout.
We've regrouped into 1 roster, so we're playing with players who played last season in D18 (semi-finals).
And here are a few Tabs to support our request:

Vs Rapides et Furieux (D12) :



Vs Omelette du Fromage (D12) :



Vs La Hoop (D14) :



Vs Morte de Rire (D14) :


Vs Maxed Ambition (D12) :


Vs TR eSport 2 (D14) :



Vs Koopain Polis (D18) :


Thank You in advance.

kaden s

Hello, Contingencγ is requesting to be moved up.

+12 vs NFO mixed (Elephant = Flyde)

+90 vs Origin


-12 to Snow Fox Mixed (note, Logan and Travis are Contingency 2 members)

-32 vs Liberty (note, Logan and Bran are Contingency 2 members)

+22 vs BUZ without main lineup

+184 vs Kartvengers (Ruko = aRubyz)

Thank you for the consideration, if you need me to try and get any more tables feel free to contact me on discord at kadzn.


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Hello Team EGG would like to request to be lower div than d21. I understand Miggy(Destroy Lonley) in MKC is in the roster but the team is filled with players who dont have much experience 6v6 wars let alone MKU. We played against teams around the range of D21 22 and 23 to see how we can do and we def made sure Miggy was there to play and to see if maybe we can keep up but results definitely showed what some of us expected. We were def surprised to see us in d21.

vs Yoshi Rangers 2 (d21)

vs MKUniversity (d22)

vs P6(d23)

We hope this helps our case as we had these wars set up. luckily our team motto is trauma bonding but our trauma is getting severe :((. Thank You MKU staff for the hard work yall put in 🙏 We do hope for d23 but it is difficult to face other d22 and 23 teams since they're all from CEST timezone so p6 is the only team we can face. With all this said. hope it helps. GodBless
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Hello I'm the Knights of Wheels leader and we think we might do good things in D6, we tried to play against higher seeded teams during the last week and we got really good results :

+32 against WEC Gold

+6 against of1


-22 against RR mixed


+118 against Silent


+98 against AfterDark


+16 against La Meute


Win against RF Rubis +42


Thank you for your consideration
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Hello. I am the leader of Turbo Diesel, we have been seeded in D18 and we consider it's a bit low for us. Then, we think it would be better to be moved up to D17.
Last season, we made semi-finals in D19 (7-3 in regular season). Since, we recruit several new players who have never done MKU before but with a very good level.

You will find some very recent tabs below. You can notice that this few tabs includes almost all our players and not only our best line-up :

Win +40 vs NN (D17) :

Tie vs Nakama Clan (D17) :

Win +80 vs Claquette Chaussette Crew (D16- not best LU) :

Tie vs Hoop (D14 - not Best LU) :

Lose -30 vs Kiss My Assembly (D13) :

We could send you some other significant tabs perhaps they would be older or with former players.

Thank you for your consideration.
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We have made the following changes to the seedings:

Inka Warriors Hurin: D11 -> D12
Equipo Fenix: D12 -> D11
Yoshi Family Sunshine: D11 -> D13
Noite Sinistra: D12 -> D11
Afterparty: D13 -> D12
EGG: D21 -> D22
Prime 6: D23 -> D21
Atomik y Pro Kars: D22 -> D23

If you've made a case and you don't see any changes reflecting your team, it may be that we are still evaluating your case and have yet to come to a decision. We will try to update you again once we can. If you were moved and disagree with your new placement, please make a case here.
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Hola, soy líder de Thunder Karts, habitualmente no apelamos nunca en las divisiones desde que conformamos el equipo, sin embargo, siento que en esta temporada es necesario hacerlo, pues el equipo ha sufrido algunos cambios que nos han afectado, entiendo que ustedes como staff vean que tenemos jugadores que han participado en otras ediciones de MKU en divisiones medias-altas, sin embargo, al estar fusionados nuestros 2 equipos, creo que también sería justo considerar que el roster de TK2 está muy por debajo del nivel que tenemos en el roster de TK1 en el que, por cierto, sólo tenemos 3 jugadores activos (que evidentemente van a jugar MKU), por lo que consideramos que el nivel de esos 3 jugadores de TK + 3 jugadores de TK2 no es adecuado para la D16, por lo cual solicitamos, por favor, que consideren bajar a nuestro equipo al menos 1 división para que podamos tener la oportunidad de competir justamente con los otros equipos.

Adjunto tablas recientes con equipos tanto de nuestra división como con equipos de divisiones más bajas, donde si bien no en todas participa nuestra main lu, consideramos que el resultado no disminuiría, pues repito, la unificación de nuestros equipos no tiene el nivel para una d16.

TK vs Yoshi Rangers (D18)


TK vs DKD (D19)


último match en Boshi's Little Cup

Thunder Karts vs OnlyFriends (D16)

Evidentemente no pretendemos tener una división regalada, sino justa para tratar de competir con equipos de nivel similar y tener al menos una oportunidad de pelear la división y no quedar 0-0-10 como la MKU pasada.

De antemano mil gracias, y esperamos que tomen en cuenta nuestra apelación.


Hey, I'm the leader of RR Goinfrex and we think D6 is too low for us. Most of us were inactive this summer so we never played with a "MKU" lineup (even the paradigm). We would like to go in D5.

Here are some recent tabs against team between D3 and D5.

kizaru is nemen

vs MT mix

vs MT mix with only one RR 1 (osdras, same div as MT 1)

without riskin looper and nemen (3 best LU)

without best of us too


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Kartnita Asada would like to move down to Div 7. We feel like we were overseeded, we lost Ivan, Diego6, SanchZ, Veyron, Rex, Tyrant, Panque, Jairby and Civan (9 players, 4 formers main LU)

and apart from that Dxt usually only plays 5 wars per season and here is the proof of the last 2 seasons. We hope that our request will be accepted, thanks


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