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Pokèmon Generation Tier List


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With all the hype surrounding Pokèmon Sword & Shield, and I know there is a lot of Pokèmon fans in this community, I'm curious to people's thoughts on every Pokèmon Generation. Keep in mind a Generation is all the games in one area of time, not just a set of games.

Make Yours Here: https://tiermaker.com/create/pokemon-generations-18087
(I spent a lot of time on those pictures)

Not going to pretend I've played every game, but I've based most of these on the experiences I've had with each Generation of Pokèmon, and the pokemon within each.


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listed that based on playtime/fun (Gen 6 story was dogshit but i had fun completing the dex in that game so its overall great imo also getting shinies from wondertrade was the most hype shit for me personally)


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any1 wanna give me a ds lite i have a ruby cartridge but my a button doesnt work on my ds lite so i cant play anything


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about time we got this thread

good to see the only gen 4 haters are @Nato @Jamie who have told me many times nobody likes it. good to see we're seeing it to be not true already!

also glad that this is a gen 5 friendly site

have not played gen 8 yet