Pokémon Sword and Shield


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The games come out tomorrow, so feel free to discuss anything about the newest Pokémon games. Some ground rules:

- Put any spoilers in a SPOILER tag. This includes leaked info or anything relating to the story. Give an idea of the type of info that's in the spoiler so people can choose what they want to see. Ex. [spoiler=Story]asdf[/spoiler] creates:
- If you've been on Twitter or Reddit recently, you've probably seen all the drama about the National Dex being gone or the graphics not being the best. It's fine to express your opinion here if you're disappointed in the games, the only thing I ask is to be respectful and to not attack people for their opinion. If someone is enjoying the game, let them enjoy it.

If you want to plan your team for your playthrough, a helpful image of the Galar Dex can be found in the below spoiler (obvious spoilers):


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i'm not planning on buying the game because i don't want it and i rather spend my money on something else.

if i did, here would be my team:

Cinderace - they kinda ruined the final evolutions. i really like Cinderace's move pool and Blaze can be useful.

Corviknight - Corviknight is a very strong member of the team, his first 2 evolutions are really cute.

Dubwool - I HAD TO LOL. Dubwool isn't the best but he'll work (and also Wooloo is hype as fuck)

Coalossal - Actually looks sick as fuck and is super strong actually the sexiest pokemon in the dex.

Grimmsnarl - A tank that can heavy hit as well.

Toxtricity - Me and this poke have a lot in common. gonna get a lowkey, kinda chill poke ngl.

idk if this team is good, i've done very limited research and unless i win a giveaway, i won't be playing it.

feel free to roast my team.