Unknown / Underrated Players?


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We've all been there before, just playing a casual scrim with your team until you see a player on the opposition pipe off and you've never even heard of them; before you know it they've broke 100 after race 10 and is posing a huge threat to the team. Although your team may have won the scrim, the pressure was definitely getting pushed on them from that player.

150 or 200, there's always players in this community that just don't get the attention they deserve, or maybe they do now but it wasn't until very recently that everyone's realised to not be sleeping on them. So, which player or players are on your mind for being unknown or underrated in the community? And also let's maybe hear what experience you had with them in a war whether it was a scrim or an MKU game.

No mentioning of yourself by the way, just to get that cleared 😅


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vx Carlos
My despair
- two underplaced players from lounge that were causing much damage, still very solid players tho
IF Barn
-when he was in Hz he was good too, that team was not just yellowfish
GG Aesthetic
-one player from mptv last season who seemed inconsistent, was able to go off some wars and prove that team had more depth outside of Ridge

If I think of some fresher names for this category, I might add them here later and edit them in