Unknown / Underrated Players?

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Here's my list of underrated players (in my opinion) :
- Sebas : he's now a key player for Banana Legion in D2 and has improved a lot (from GG in D7 to BL in D2).
- Joubak : he's one of the best inward player nowadays , he played in D6 last season and he's doing pretty good in D2 with Champi Brothers.
- Jez : an other good inward player , he's actually very strong and very regular in wars with High Definition.
- Samovar : the best mkc player in my opinion , he's definitely a key player for this team and can help mkc for the banner of D4.
- FalcoX : in the top 3 of the best mexican guys i think , with Chibi and YFM , he's one of the best guy i've played in wars.
- Phenix : the key player of mkc in D8 , he's Always doing a score between 100 and 130 which is very good. He's improving a lot too.
- Julian : a good player of BL , who destroyed lower divisions and he's doing good things with Banana Legion
+ some other players that i'm not putting above because they are not very underrated in my opinion : Brandon , Monfi , Royal , Jinny , Lanfi , Darky , Shii and FuFu.


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Underrated :

- My AceTman
- Vx Huayra
- Vx Tricky
- Vx Julian
- MKC Theo
- My NvGS

Overrated :

- WF Mars
- HD Neo
- DVP Maxim


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Season 6 is coming to an end and it's time to draw conclusions. There have been surprises and disappointments for some players but this MKU Season revealed new players, and the experienced ones have raised their level. So who surprised you and who you consider as underrated for now?
Here's my list :
- vx Marc : He's my mate Indeed but this guy shows a good level this season and has been very solid through the wars.
- Me Nebula (despair) : Very good player who fits well with his clan, the results show his power. With AceTman they are definitely a good duo in d2.
- dmk Manster : I think this guy surprises everyone according to his performances , from TR to dmk (d6 to d2) what an ascent.
- AU Civil : He's not doing perfect performances but he's terribly decent, a key player in d3 and can easily battle in d2.
- MT Neykan : An other spanish guy who proves his good level according to d4 indivs. Keep going.
- DY Varo : No many people talk of him but Varo is doing very good with DY and can easily be placed in DY Alpha's main lu.


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Unsung Heroes for their teams in Season 6
AU Civil
wf Elie
vx Marc
Me AceTMan
MKC Theo
03 Justin (D10 I know, but still).
Players that I think will have an amazing Season 7
av Justin
xi Cynda
AU Mitch
Bc Articuno
[MT] Neykan
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