[W10] Dynamite Beta - 504 | 480 - Jean-Paul Pougala [Approved]

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- Dydy disconnected race 11 with 82 points, he gets 84 points in total overall.

I would like to bring up Bowen's lag issue: he did end up breaking the room one race forcing us all to get item roulette and we were aware that he was teleporting everywhere in that war. I don't want Jpp to get penalised since it's the last week and it shouldn't really matter but can you please for the future avoid using Bowen in competitive wars. He is incredibly laggy whether it's in a competitive match or just a scrim and he can harm the team with any future lag penalties other teams give.

I'm pretty sure other people can support my point if they have warred with him before, hell i'm pretty sure Jpp could agree with me but again I had to bring this up because he was a pain to war with today.

Nevertheless, good games Jpp! You guys put up a good fight this week 👍
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