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What would you like to see in the next Mario Kart?


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Whether its characters, retro tracks returning, amount of tracks.... or just adding some new type of feature (Gliding/Underwater) post. Clearly we've still not gotten any news about MK9, so speculation could be pretty cool to see what you guys would actually wanna see in the next MK

What I'd want would be

- 64 Tracks: If mk8d came standard with all DLC for 48 tracks, it would kinda feel stupid if they went back to 32 at this point, so if we got 48 + another 4 DLC Cups thatd be cool
- Less Characters but better characters: We don't need every baby and every variant of Mario and now Peach for some reason... just remove all the clone characters for actual characters lol


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i would like to see double items stay as is, but maybe nerf the fireflower to how it was in mk7

also the world deserves a shy guy bazaar retro track


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more amiibo costumes would be cool, a suit without the helmet would be cool too
and i want them to bring back yoshi circuit again :whistle:
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Some Smash style item customization would be cool, pretty unlikely though. Also, please don't let any MKT bullshit seep into MK9, except reverse tracks.


vox populi
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Remove mii helmets and let the hair flow again.
Biggest MK8U/DX flaw is forced helmets on miis.

Additionally to that, this is some of the stuff I'd love to see:

- 64 tracks
- Skins for characters, similar to smash (so that koopalings / mario forms would still be in the game but without taking 200 character slots).
- Reverse tracks replacing mirror mode
- An option for friend rooms to allow mixed cc formats. Having wars / tournaments with both 150, mirror (or reverse tracks if it happened) or even 200cc without having to start a new gp for a different format everytime would be neat to have
- Removal of VR for worldwides / regionals; have some sort of For Fun / For Glory way of separating things: For Fun would just throw you in unranked races and For Glory would separate people depending on their rank. Way too utopistic but with such a system allow people to join friends only in For Fun mode and allow them to team up in groups of 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 in For Glory
- Custom WWs / Regionals like in 8U
- More support from Nintendo: events, tournaments, DLC, whatever, just don't let the game get uninteresting real quick for people that aren't hardcore MK players
- Shy Guy Bazaar, Super Bell Subway and Daisy Hills as retros
- Double items
- Non auto-activating triple items / whatever they come up with that spawns 9 items at the same time, 2nd biggest flaw in 8U / DX
- Either removal or nerf of fire flowers
- Removal of boomerangs
- Slight buff to drafts


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1. Good new and returning characters (like Pauline, E. Gadd, Kamek, Diddy ...) not some metal chars...
2. Something that makes it worth to play and learn this game. MK8D is very easy to start, and that's good. But there's nothing more to it besides like 2-3 shortcuts. I want something like spindrifting (MKWii), snaking (MKDS) or firehopping (MK8U). A technique, that seperates fun players from competetive players. Doesn't have to be as drastic as snaking, but I really would love to see something similar like that back.
3. No more mirror mode, but reverse tracks like in MK Tour
4. Mission Mode should return
5. No more target greens from walls. This stuff is ridiculous and annoying af.
6. Triple items should stay in as you pull them.
7. TT Rankings like in MKWii or even better (National Rankings etc)
8. A better unlock system (not by just playing, more specific tasks)
9. New skins for characters you also have to unlock
10. Double items should be removed, but you should be able to hold items similar to MKDS/MKWii
11. More really cool totally new designed Retro Tracks like Ribbon Road and Cheese Land
12. Change how some items work (Boomerang, Fire flower, Boo) and introduce 1-2 new items (maybe Cappy ?)

And probably more, but I think these are the most important to me.
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no more coins as item, they on the track, thats enough.
no more double boxes because it killing the game.
16 players on a race.
Have the possibility to create our own circuits/cups just like a Super Mario Maker, this would be amazing.
Skins (why not).