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Mario Kart Central Season 6 Power Rankings

Hello once again, Mario Kart gamers!

Season 6 of Mario Kart team tournament play has drawn to a close, in tandem with the closure of a year that has no doubt challenged many of us in a lot of ways. Not so for the Mario Kart tournament scene, however; there has never been a more bustling and exciting time to be part of the high-octane, high-stakes racing experience. We have now successfully hosted two complete Mario Kart Universal seasons with the involvement of 120 robust rosters of teams spanning 15 divisions of play. There is a undisputed sense of passion for the game that is evidenced by both the players and organization of its staff members, as the retention rate of teams throughout and between seasons is the best it has ever been, and the Discord server and Primetime casts serve to keep the community informed and in hot anticipation of the current and upcoming action. We have seen the return of stable favorites such as Agility and the EuroLeague and Americas Cup, as well a fresh new format in Double Down which kept bouts dynamic and promoted momentum-based play. Individual or mogi-based formats have also seen enhancements, with character or kart-specific tournaments, more timeframes to give opportunities for all karters across the globe to thrive, and the highly successful Lounge Squad queues that make getting right into accessible, balanced rooms so simple. Of course, season 6 culminated with the glorious Mario Kart Worlds, in which we witnessed the finest hands and minds meld as one for a bid to be the champions of the universe, earned by none other than Japan’s Team NX.

With Mario Kart Universal Season 13 to commence in the not-too-distant future, it is now a pleasure to announce the Season 6 Mario Kart Central Power Rankings. No doubt you will see some familiar faces return to the ranks, but some fresh faces have already made a decent dent to build their progress on.

This time around, I am joined by a team of superb writers eager to share their community and tournament knowledge with you all: Dylan 718, jerry and Aran. The name of the writer will be placed in brackets next to the listed team to indicate their contribution.

Without further ado, here are your rankings! We commence with three honorable mentions, and then launch into an extended Top 30 rankings: 

Honorable Mention #1 – Arcadia Terra (Dylan)

Arcadia Terra has been around since the inception of the MKU tournament back in 2014. Similarly to MKU throughout the years, Arcadia Terra has also changed quite a bit. The team has been through a lot since Season 5’s Power Rankings with Biz going to Resemblance, gdin being promoted to Arcadia Sky and Staple Stable and Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade not being able to play. All is not lost however, as Arcadia Terra is ready for their grand return. Stevens’ experience as a former Arcadia Sky player provides the backbone for the team with Geddy, Nate, popuko and Radi all prepared to demolish the competition. With Kevin’s unique playstyle – that being Light-Blue Yoshi riding the Comet using remote controls through detached joy-cons – and the addition of Michael, opposing teams will have to think twice on how to counter this growing threat.

Honorable Mention #2 – Higher Octave (Dylan)

This symphonic ensemble has been climbing up the chromatic scale of Mario Kart since their debut back in MKU Season 9. They have made impeccable progress, with their dignified defeat over the undefeated eXodus in MKU Season 11 and Arcadia Terra in MKU Season 12. This composition features a nostalgic tone, with old favorites such as jacob, Fate, Galley, Ayano and Myles contributing to the ensemble. With Jack, Virgo from Machine Kings Online, BenFoolery from Nerd Prom, and newcomer Slugger joining in the concert, Higher Octave is certainly keeping the beat steady for the competition that lies ahead. Will Higher Octave continue to harmonize with each other or will they produce a cacophony instead?

Honorable Mention #3 – Rainbow Fun Rubis (Dylan)

Returning from a long hiatus in 2017, we have another classic in the form of Rainbow Fun Rubis. Rainbow Fun Rubis features the mainstay DJR alongside Ap6, Loic and Sky1887. Their journey in MKU Season 12 Division 4 was met with opposition against Wii Elite Clan, having lost to them by only 4. This only strengthened their resolve as Rainbow Fun Rubis ultimately beat Wii Elite Clan in their second go-around as well as Difference which gave Rainbow Fun Rubis an edge. Even with the loss of Léo, Yazid and Kami, Rainbow Fun is certainly not out for the count. Their Division 4 experience combined with their second team’s Division 9 victory will undeniably spell doom onto the race track. Picking up Royal, Kayron and all of their players from Rainbow Fun Saphir, Rainbow Fun is absolutely ready to upset the competition.

#30 – Wii Elite Clan (Dylan)

Mirroring their Kira Team brethren, Wii Elite Clan made their premiere in Mario Kart Wii’s World Clan League in 2008. Wii Elite Clan are strong fighters for sure, keeping matches close with Fatal Aces, Jean-Pierre Papin and Melodya Orphée during MKU Season 11 Division 4, however, their unfortunate loss against pieck simps had cost them a playoffs spot. Wii Elite Clan have made their presence known throughout the years, with Silver, Alex, Jut and Falcon all being forces to be reckoned with. These players, along with the return of Seb, Märv, Kataquak, MK Hype and all of the players in Wii Elite Clan Silver, will surely shake things up on Cheep Cheep Beach for MKU Season 13 and beyond.

#29 – Version 2 (Dylan)

Coming a long way from 2018’s Continental Cup, Version 2 has set sail towards the western world with a vengeance. As the first Oceanic team to be a part of Mario Kart Central, Version 2 has quickly left a strong impact onto the community. Having Ensy, Hayashi, Shadow, Mooden, Renai-Circulation and especially Anthony has paid off with them earning 7th in Americas Cup Season 8 as well as claiming the glorious Division 5 Title in MKU Season 12. Their roster has remained stagnant over the year, with the only recent addition being ByronBoss from Nerd Prom, however this allows the team to strengthen themselves and batten down the hatches as they prepare for MKU Season 13.

#28 – Dynamite Omega (jerry)

One of the many returning teams to the Power Rankings, Dynamite’s second team brings the boom to the competition! Much like their first team, Dynamite Omega has hovered around the same level for the past few seasons, being near the middle division zone within Division 5. This team has mostly worked with the same few players for the past seasons, usually rolling with Batboo, Silvia, Mitch, Pianist and Fox. Recently, however, some old and new faces have risen up to help strengthen Omega’s player roster. Of course, I’m talking about jxesenee (crow of judgement), Flarena (J) and the grand return of Pedro. Erik has also made his long-awaited return from Battle Brigade and it appears that Jev came along with him for the ride. Is this the change Dynamite Omega needed to break out of the middle divisions? Will they be able to pack a punch and light an explosion in future tournaments? As the fuse gets shorter and the hissing gets louder, we anxiously await to see the damage dealt by Dynamite Omega!

#27 – TR eSports (Dylan)

Prepare for trouble and make it double as TR eSports is here to extend their reach to the stars above. Piloted by Moy and guided by Sergi87 and Sergiosh, the TR eSports rocket has their course plotted for success as they blast off at the speed of light. TR eSports soared through the cosmos during MKU Season 11, going all the way to the playoffs where they faced off against eXodus, going 0-2 against the gallant Germans. Although they lost some crewmates in Nando, P3r3jon, Ander, and pepowed, the rocket’s course hasn’t been altered in the slightest. Gaining favorites such as Alex_Gp2, Rushiez, Allen and Juancho, TR eSports hopes to rebuild and fortify themselves in time for MKU Season 13. You better be ready to surrender, as TR eSports is prepared to fight!

#26 – Yoshi Family Galaxy (Dylan)

The Yoshi herd returns once again to trample the competition. After nearly getting trampled in MKU Season 11, Yoshi Family Galaxy needed to turn things around. Recruiting Champi-Brothers own Crazykonga into the herd, Yoshi Family Galaxy evidently meant business this time around for Season 12. This worked in the Yoshi herd’s favor and fought hard all the way to the playoffs. They trampled over Dynamite Omega in the semifinals but got vanquished by Pirate Hackers in the end. The Yoshi herd is certainly no pushover, with fan-favorites Ti_C, Alexxx, Pillou, Yugo and Hollend utterly decimating any opposition. Let’s hope for their continued success in their mission to stampede the competition.

#25 – Jean-Pierre Papin (Dylan)

Named after a legendary French footballer, Jean-Pierre Papin is ready to rumble for one more round on the Mario Kart track. MKU Season 11 was bright for them, making their way towards the finals in Division 4 against pieck simps. The “Best of 3 Theory”, a term coined by Brandon, ultimately affected Jean-Pierre Papin’s performance, having won the first match against pieck simps but then proceeded to get sweeped in the next two matches. A vengeance was born, and this was displayed in full during MKU Season 12 where the ferocious footballers defeated pieck simps, tackling them towards the bottom of Division 3. With new recruits Amatarawu and Gab from Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Jean-Pierre Papin is looking to score another touchdown in the midst of MKU Season 13.

#24 – Pirate Hackers (jerry)

The Las Vegas LAN crew makes their debut to the Team Power Rankings while continuing to tear it up, regardless of the division they’re placed in. It doesn’t seem to matter where they are seeded, Pirate Hackers are always ready to tear up the competition. They have even managed to win Divisions 7, 6, and 4 of the last three MKU seasons in a row! With the staple AU run-heavy duo of Darky and ember being supported by rapidly-improving players like Ty, Luckyo, ShyGuy, and rawr xd, it’s no wonder why the Hackers have seen as much success as they have the past tournaments. Pirate Hackers, unfortunately, suffered from a chain of misfortune starting with Season 12 Division 4 Playoff Finals. One of their staple players, sinic, was suddenly unavailable right before the big series to take the banner. Regardless of this, they were still able to swiftly take the series with a 2-0 finish. Concluding the season, both Darky and ember also departed from the team, leading to Pirate Hackers losing half of their main lineup in such a short amount of time. Can they recover from this heavy hit to their main lineup? Will they be able to carry on their previous momentum? Stay tuned and find out!

#23 – Star Clan Cosmos (jerry)

Making their first appearance in Agility IV, Ferg and Saezuri branched out from the main core of Star Clan to form Star Clan Cosmos, along with other quintessential players like xNts, Ethan, Kuzu, LX, and Crony to name a few. Star Clan’s 2nd team went on to win Division 5 of MKU Season 10. Going straight into Season 11 with a new French-heavy core in Sorata and Winter, Star Clan Cosmos fought their hardest in Division 4, but to no avail, going 0-2 in both weeks 2 and 3 to finish with a 3-0-7 record. Afterwards, Star Clan Cosmos went on to change their team name to Star Clan Solar while also recruiting now-staple players like Yoshiracer, Ben, and Green. Star Clan Solar were definitely able to see the brighter side of things in Season 12 where they went on to finish 21st: 5th in Division 3, one position away from playoffs. Concluding the season, the Star Clan Solar players went back onto the first team to fill in for player losses to form Star Clan Supreme, however, I don’t think this will be the last the community will ever see of a second string of Star Clan. Will the sun rise and give shine to another project in the future? Only time will tell.

#22 – Tuestame la Tostada (jerry)

After almost exactly a 2-year long hiatus, the toast has returned to the scene! With a very closely-knit and well-rounded core of Nare, Centels, JaVinci, and Hkn, Tuestame la Tostada made their grand return to the competitive scene in MKU Season 11. After finishing 2-0-8 in Division 5, Tuestame la Tostada were discounted as an average (perhaps even below average) team in the middle division zone. After picking up strong players to compliment the core, like Spyke and Seergio, however, the community realized that Tuestame la Tostada were capable of dealing damage. Dealing damage they certainly did, as they were able to finish 4th in EuroLeague Season 4, eliminating Jean-Pierre Pernaut in the late bracket stage, and outliving other well-known higher level teams like Resemblance and World Friend Moon. These results in mind, they were sent to play in Division 3 the next season of MKU, and went on to take the banner in a flawless 4-0 playoff run; perfectly toasted on both sides if I do say so myself.

#21 – Zodiacs/pieck simps (jerry)

A rebranding of the team previously known as Sunset, Zodiacs are one of the many teams making their Team Power Rankings debut this season under the leadership of Ambivalent World (Ethan), Miles, and Josh K. After a strong first showing in Double Down, Zodiacs went onward to play MKU Season 11 in Division 4, and eventually win the division. With decent results in Americas Cup Season 8 and Agility V, Zodiacs had their Division 3 spot locked in for the next MKU Season. Their Division 3 debut proved to certainly be a difficult one; going 0-5 in the first 3 weeks until they were able to beat TR eSports, Star Clan Cosmos/Solar, and Tuestame la Tostada to finish the season with a 3-0-7 record. With recent pickups in Ster, Lin and the Inkling main himself, Delta, the stars just might align for Zodiacs and their tournament future.

#20 – Fatal Aces (jerry)

A top level powerhouse in the previous iteration of the game, Fatal Aces makes their MK8DX Team Power Rankings debut. With a core of Pepe, Leroy, Chim, Doodle, and Jax, it was apparent that this team wasn’t one to take lightly. After an impressive 17th place in Double Down, (outscoring and even tying with well known teams like World Friend Moon, Soul, Drift Riders, and Inkling Feet) Fatal Aces were seeded in Division 4 for MKU Season 11. They finished the season going 4-0-6 (2 of those losses being via forfeit), missing playoffs by 2 wins. They were able to find some momentum in Agility V and MKU Season 12 however, where they were seeded into Division 3 after adding Daniel and Crowe to their main lineup. Fatal Aces pushed all the way up to the Semifinals, before being eliminated by Tuestame la Tostada in a very close 0-2 series (losing both matches by a miniscule 10 points each; this series was a lot closer than the 0-2 end result makes it out to be).

#19 – eXodus (jerry)

A returning team to the Team Power Rankings selection for this season, eXodus found much success in their tournament results during the second half of the year. After a rough patch in the road through Agility IV and MKU Season 10, eXodus took the time gifted by the offseason to regroup, and return to future tournaments on a clean slate. Finishing Double Down in 9th and winning Division 5 in MKU Season 11, eXodus were on the come up. In fact, they finished the year pulling the best placements the team has ever seen, with 17th in Agility V, 9th in EuroLeague Season 4, and 19th in MKU Season 12 (a drastic improvement from their previous 31st place to win Division 5 in the previous MKU Season). Will eXodus continue to climb up the ranks as fast as they have been? Be on the lookout for this team’s next results, as they are certainly one to keep on the radar.

#18 – Melodya Orphée (jerry)

Melodya’s first team continues to provide consistent results in Division 4 throughout the durations of MKU Seasons 10 and 11. However, after strengthening their player core in Babou, Teqzo, Aszni, and Mystery, then adding some very strong players to the roster, like Demon and Joubak, Melodya Orphée were ready to put on a ballet-héroïque in MKU Season 12 Division 2. Their finishing with a 3-0-7 record doesn’t do enough justice for how well this team exceeded community expectations. Snagging surprising wins vs Inkling Feet and future Division 2 Winners Soul, as well as respectably close results against other Division 2 Playoff teams like Resemblance and Banana Legion, it’s safe to say that Melodya Orphée certainly put on a better showing than most attendees expected them to. Will they be able to continue delivering these types of results? Will the opérette finish in heroism? In tragedy? This and more as the show goes on!

#17 – Drift Riders (jerry)

A very well known French team returning from a two and a half year long hiatus, Drift Riders returned to the scene under the leadership of Sig, Electro, and Aszni in Agility IV (with Ronan coming along for MKU Season 10 and onward). Their first results after returning weren’t anything too special, but the team really found their stride starting MKU Season 10 playing in Division 4, making it all the way to Playoff Finals before getting eliminated by Yoshi Family Galaxy to finish 24th overall. The team’s upward momentum carried on all the way through Double Down, Agility V, then the most recent season in MKU, where Drift Riders advanced to Finals in Division 3 to face off against Tuestame la Tostada.

#16 – Midnight Wasps (Aran)

Midnight Wasps, a reformed version of the team Vertex, has had a story all about starting fresh. After what seemed the apparent end of Vertex, Midnight Wasps rose from the ashes under the direction of Felix with a roster full of fresh faces such as Anto and Nel. It took them a while to get settled, but their commitment to grinding the game together regardless of their newness allowed them to quickly start competing at the Division 3 level in Season 11 of MKU, earning their way into Division 2 the next season. Although their debut in Division 2 was a rough one, it was an experience that has only made them stronger. They kept striving to improve by playing daily with their revised roster and were able to finish at a very strong 7th in Double Down, securing their place as a locked-in team for their newfound level.

#15 – Inkling Feet (Dylan)

The Cinderella story continues where we last left off with Inflow getting 19th in MKU Season 10 after losing the Division 3 Semifinals. They have made flawless progress since then, having been renamed to Inkling Feet and achieving 5th in Agility V, 9th in Americas Cup Season 12 and most recently 13th in MKU Season 12, nearly missing a playoff spot in Division 2. Inkling Feet have many tricks up their sleeve, the first one being their diverse player roster with wisch, Tynan, and Mike B providing the front support and Rhys, Roberto and LMDS completing the inward trinity. Inkling Feet’s next trick is their unique track selection, with track picks such as Water Park and N64 Toad’s Turnpike. The inward trinity greatly appreciates these picks as it allows them to break away from the pack. Inkling Feet’s last trick is their ability to bring about the shock whenever it’s needed, with 87 and newcomers Ember and Varo staying amidst the pack to do just that. Inkling Feet have come a long way since their inception and they are certainly ready to continue their progress and steamroll the opposition.

#14 – Star Clan Supreme (Aran)

The landscape has certainly changed for Star Clan Supreme, with the team finding themselves facing off in Division 2 now against a new set of opponents. A promising Season 11 of MKU was cut short by a heartbreakingly close margin as they missed the playoffs by no more than a head-to-head points tiebreaker against ώƒ2, but they still bounced back for the next season. Much like Season 11, Season 12 was a frustrating one for the team, with a star-studded roster featuring powerhouses such as Rhys, Mike B, and Vesper, they still came in the middle of the pack when 10 matches were played and completed. However, the crown jewel for Star Clan of this power rankings season came in the finals of America’s Cup where they showed they still had what it takes to face off against Division 1 teams in a match that came down to the last race. They had to settle for second in that tournament, but the team made a statement that they are still here and still dripping in talent.

#13 – Banana Legion (Aran)

At a first glance, BL’s recent performances might seem run of the mill. However, they have shown they can improve to face down bigger challenges and will continue to be a growing threat at the highest levels of competitions. Make no mistake, this team is a brimming pot of weapons with the likes of Royal, Ruby, and the recent addition of Yoshi helping them seal a playoff spot in Season 12 of MKU and take the fight to resemblance in a hard-fought semifinals’ matchup. On top of their recent rise in MKU, they also pulled off a huge upset in Agility V after a close loss against JPP set them against seasoned Division 1 opponent ARC to secure themselves a top 10 finish in Agility V. Look to see them continue to pull off upsets in the future.

#12 – Resemblance (Aran)

The highest-ranking new team of this release of power rankings and one of the most impressive breakout teams in a while, Resemblance came on to the scene as a revival of the old team Elegance. Their performances across Division 3 and then as they added many new players and rose to Division 2 earned them the respect of many that all new teams crave. Make no mistake, although this team has not claimed a division title, they have made finals in the past two seasons they played, and that momentum certainly has shown no signs of stopping. Possibly one of their most impressive wins as a new team was taking down Arcadia, a well-regarded veteran team in this game in Agility V where they finished 9th. Results like these show that new teams can dominate and Resemblance probably won’t be a runner-up team forever.

#11 – Mushroom Team Jungle (Aran)

Mushroom Team Jungle has been a team that has shown they can experience big changes and power through. Name changes, roster changes, division opponent changes, yet they still find a way to keep it up and put out solid performances. After a strong third place performance in Division 2 of MKU Season 11, a few new players joined up to help them move forward into the next season. Even though their main lineup experienced a good amount of variance, they still were able to put up a respectable season holding out for a 6th place Division 2 finish in Season 12. Even though this team is ever shaping into a new form with each new season it seems, they find their rhythm regardless.

#10 – Sadistisk obalans u-sväng långsam (Aran)

Soul or Sadistisk obalans u-sväng långsam, as they go by, is certainly a team with the potential to rise higher and higher due to their drive to improve and teamwork prowess. After winning Division 3 and ascending to Division 2, they put together a solid Season 11 of MKU, finishing fourth within their division. After just one season in Division 2, they had all the experience they needed to surge to the top and claim a win over a seemingly unstoppable foe. They also finished inside the top 10 in a highly competitive Agility V and showed that chemistry and dedication alone can give a huge edge over opponents and win wars. This team has a bright future ahead. 

#9 – World Friend Moon (Aran)

La Moon’s roster has remained constant for a long time, and it has benefited them greatly. After a long time of grinding the game together with their main squad, they made the Division 2 finals in Season 11 finishing 8th overall in MKU. Their chemistry and skill combined paved their way into the top 8 teams and punched them a ticket into Division 1, relegating up with their Division 2 rivals Dynamite Alpha the next season. When they met in Division 1, they kept it even going 1-1 against them in competition. Consistency really was key for this squad, as they finished 7th in both Agility V and EuroLeague Season 4 to put them inside of the top 10 teams.

#8 – Dynamite Alpha (jerry)

Without a doubt, one of the teams with the strongest shock factor this latter half of the year, Dynamite Alpha made the community do a double take with what they pulled off. After having played as a higher-end Division 2 team for the past few MKU seasons with the same core of players, (Leon, Alfie, Varo, Saika and co.) they managed to make playoffs in one of the closest divisions ever seen with a 6-0-4 shared with 3 other teams. Clawing at Mushroom Team Mind and tail whipping World Friend Moon in playoffs thanks to a shocking Baby Park pick, Dynamite Alpha secured their Season 12 Division 1 spot. Recruiting Origin and welcoming Denno back to the team, they were ready to show Division 1 what they had to offer. Looking past their 1-0-9 record, Dynamite Alpha certainly brought more than most people expected them to. Losing to 5 in-a-row MKU Champion World Friend Star by a miniscule 20 points is something even the high end Division 1 teams struggle to do. That, along with many other close results from them this season, proved to the community that Dynamite Alpha weren’t to be treated lightly. What awaits this team in the future? Will the fursuits stay on? Find out in the next installment of Team Power Rankings!

#7 – Nferno Blaze (jerry)

The staple German team; Nferno’s first team has seen a pretty wild second half of the year. After just barely missing the Division 2 Champion title in a very close final to Jean-Pierre Pernaut in MKU Season 10, NFO1 proved to still be a Division 1 contending team regardless. This group of players are no strangers to Division 1, especially with a core consisting of Kay, Paul, waenot, and Lezard. Their return to the top division in MKU Season 11 finished in a 4-0-6 record, which may not seem impressive at first, but considering that two of those wins were against locked-in top 4 teams like HD and Re;, you gotta give attention and respect where it’s due. After earning 17th in Agility V, however, the team decided to temporarily disband and let their members disperse. Will they come back as strong as they were in the recent seasons of MKU? How long will they stick around? Only time will tell.

#6 – Arcadia Sky (jerry)

A very stable and consistent team all throughout, Arcadia’s first team has seen a slow and steady rise in their tournaments results this past half year. Finishing 9th, 6th, and 6th again over the past 3 MKU seasons while also acquiring many close results against top teams in both MKC tournaments and MKWorlds, Arcadia Sky have certainly proved that they are more than fit to be one of the teams that absolutely belong in Division 1. With a very skilled and experienced roster, along with a visible upward trend in tournament results, Arcadia Sky’s future is looking very bright. Will this momentum continue? Just how hard can the pipers pipe up? This and more to come next season!

#5 – Jean-Pierre Pernaut (jerry)

After having been relegated to Division 2 and taking the win against Nferno Blaze in MKU Season 10 playoff finals, Jean-Pierre Pernaut found himself back in D1 to open up Season 11 of MKU. JPP’s first few results were, to put it bluntly, not impressive; they went 0-6 before going 2-0 the 4th week versus NFO and HD, then lost to ώƒ Star by only 22 in a close 1-1 week 5. After a somewhat lackluster return to Division 1, JPP knew that they had much to prove if they wanted to keep their Division 1 spot. Skip forward to Agility V: JPP promoted Crunchy from their second team, recruited ScarTax, and got to work. JPP managed to make it all the way up to 3rd place before getting eliminated by Re; in the Loser’s Finals by only 6 points. The latest season of MKU, JPP finished with a respectable 4-0-6 record in Division 1 to tie with ARC and xı in the wild card standings. It’s also worth noting that JPP fought valiantly against ARC in the MKWorlds qualifiers, but unfortunately, to no avail.

#4 – High Definition (Speck)

Last time, we mentioned that High Definition were about to surpass a decade of competitive Mario Kart participation, a colossal feat of dedication that has spanned four Nintendo consoles and constant shifts in the metagame. They have since passed this point, and they have celebrated this with a phenomenal Season 6 showing. Out of the six tournaments they participated in, they never placed below 4th, and made podium in two thirds. Let’s start with their crown achievement in Americas Cup, which saw them dispatch a Star Clan team fresh off hefty dents in Mushroom Team and Pirate Hackers and an upset on Arcadia Sky. Then, there was Agility V, with a flawless winner’s bracket run which saw them thoroughly dominate a Dynamite Alpha in peak form and Requiem, both by a margin of 172 points, though the latter would come back to haunt them. And of course, who can forget their stellar run in Worlds? Streaming out of group stages with victories over Kaiser and New virtue Know was already a monumental feat, but with their Game 3 against SrX reaching breaking point on Race 11, a Dugo-supplied shock dodges 3 HD members and permits a fantastic item chain for Cynda to secure a Top 4-7-9 to all but secure their place as the best faring western team at Worlds. With a steady roster to continue building on for the future, there’s only one thing left to say – LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO for the next season!

#3 – xı (Speck)

Remember that time the 44th President of the United States flew through the Achilles vent and blasted some dudes out of a big space ball? Me neither, but it seems xı has been matching that level of execution throughout this season of play. Season 11 of Mario Kart Universal was already pretty swell for them with another entry into playoffs, but this season marked their first attempt at a slick banner since running toe-to-toe with Team JBZZ back in Season 5. In order to get there, they had to bop Requiem in a game 3 scenario, which they secured with Izaya, Kay and Robel all scoring sweet centuries. Double Down was also pretty hot for them, as they terminated Prestige in another semi-final on their swan song. And of course, they played in the big space ball tournament otherwise known as Worlds, and actually were wildly close to advancing to groups, with a win over SrX and losses of less than 20 to Victory 6 and World Friend Star. We don’t quite know how far this team is headed in Season 7 – just expect Mona to keep calling the shots, and ojiro aran, donald mike, son1c X shad0w and Mario Judah to make some plays.

#2 – Requiem (Speck)

No doubt a serious bid for a glorious gold medal in the power rankings was on the cards for Requiem. It seems fortune did not quite favor them this time round, but a shiny silver medal to succeed their bronze medal in the power ranking season prior is a sure sign of progress for an already formidable team. We already mentioned their flying start to this season from Double Down, but it’s certainly worth a reminder that Requiem went undefeated in bracket, even pitted against xı and former silver spotters Prestige. Next, we simply must talk about Season 11’s MKU, the French derby to determine the champions. Their setup involving bagging tracks worked tremendously in game 1, but World Friend countered with a heavy win in game two. Up 18 on the final game, Requiem looked set to finally usurp the throne… Then Wario’s Gold Mine happened, a race probably best forgotten. After that, Agility V did not quite mirror the journey they travelled in Double Down, after a clobbering by High Definition at the Winner’s Finals… But after squeaking by Jean-Pierre Pernaut in the Loser’s Finals, Requiem published the revenge arc that toppled HD with the winner’s advantage. Finally, though their appearance in Worlds might have seemed underwhelming on paper, they kept For our Victory and Marf to within 20 points and stalemated with a stacked Gamma side, a testament to just how balanced and competitive their group was. Only one addition to an already well-established Lez’-led team as of late in Demon, a key instrument to RK and Prestige’s former success. Still, bronze, then silver; if the pattern tells us anything…

#1 – World Friend Star (jerry)

5-time MKU Champions, accompanied by many other tournament wins and runner-up placements in EuroLeague, Agility, and Amplify, World Friend Star’s reign of absolute dominance continues with little sign of interruption. With such impressive results stacked on top of one another, la Star has done more than enough to prove that they are as eye-catching and essential as the North Star (hahaha), remaining in the same center spot in the night sky as the champion. It’s not for no reason that World Friend have gained as much attention as they have, within, and even outside of the Mario Kart Community as a whole. They are an absolute behemoth of a team, with each of their players having years of experience in Division 1 play, filling in any role that is needed at the moment during any given race. One of the most notable examples, Thomas (commonly referred to as ths) has a Top 10 Worldwide time on many courses, both with and without the use of shrooms. Despite the fact that Thomas is one of, if not, THE, best runner on World Friend, he doesn’t hesitate to go backwards and bag for the shock if he hears that his teammates are occupying most of the bottom spots. It’s exactly this sense of selflessness and versatility that makes a player so special and worthy of community-wide praise and respect. The fact that this level of teamplay and communication is also present in the rest of World Friend Star’s roster goes to show just how much depth is present within the team and each individual player, so much so to the point where there is no “bad” World Friend Star lineup. Don’t get me wrong, World Friend Star isn’t the perfect team by any means, but they’ve undeniably put in the effort and even more to sit at the top for as long as they have. Could this be the season where the champions get taken down? If so, who’s gonna be the one to take the crown? Will World Friend Star keep stacking the gold in their Tournament History tab? Only time will tell, my fellow Mario Kart gamers, only time will tell.

Congratulations to all of the teams that have made, or continue to make, the rankings. We hope you are able to take some time to recognize and celebrate your success. And to those looking to make the rankings, don’t give up, and never stop learning and growing as a player and a team!

Season 7 has already commenced with Amplify VI, and the next Mario Kart Universal will begin on the 7th of February. Be sure to keep an eye on the forums and our Discord for more information on this and future tournaments. Until then, keep karting!

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