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200cc racing tierlist


Founding Member
Got bored with TSM so here's an honest tierlist that we decided to make (personal opinions, so stop whining about your spot whenever this thread gets approved);

Nick (flag:US)
Brandon (flag:US)
Espurr (flag:NL)
えぢから (flag:JP)
Darky (flag:US)
Thimo (flag:NL)
Doodle (flag:US)
Erick (flag:US)
K4I (flag:JP)
Slater (flag:CA)
James (flag:GB)
Thomas (flag:BE)
Civil (flag:US)

そうめん (flag:JP)
Michael (flag:US)
Storm (flag:US)
Davi (flag:JP)
Ember (flag:US)
Joebo (flag:GB)
Hobbie (flag:US)
3-UP (flag:DE)
Nitroco (flag:FR)
Zeta (flag:US)
Leon (flag:GB)
Varo (flag:US)
Deci (flag:US)
Jordie (flag:GB)
Wisch (flag:US)
Ace Tman (flag:US)
Athaway (flag:FR)
Rhys (flag:GB)
Mees (flag:NL)
Mat (flag:FR)
Alpha (flag:DE)
Italic (flag:US)
Captain (flag:US)
Ethan (flag:CA)
Devoty (flag:FR)
Dashi (flag:DE)
Laquon (flag:US)
Alfie (flag:GB)
Saru (flag:FR)

SuperFX (flag:US)
IndyWolfy (flag:US)
Alberto (flag:ES)
Qadim (flag:NL)
Twonk (flag:CA)
Kupoo (flag:FR)
Carty (flag:GB)
Hammer (flag:US)
Zakaria (flag:FR)
Barn (flag:GB)
Elmer (flag:US)
Jerry (flag:US)
Blueberry (flag:US)
Joel (flag:GB)
Joe K (flag:US)
Robin (flag:DE)
Dydy (flag:FR)
Jupiter (flag:AU)
Min (flag:KR)
Mitch (flag:US)
Mitch (flag:NL)
Army (flag:FR)
Sketch (flag:GB)
Vectory (flag:US)
Chim (flag:PR)
Marsh (flag:ID)
Gecko (flag:US)
Pure (flag:GB)
Shiiguy (flag:FI)
Benjax (flag:US)
Mickey (flag:FR)
Gabe (flag:US)
Tyler (flag:US)
xNts (flag:US)
Babou (flag:FR)
Reno (flag:GB)
Nulp (flag:BE)
Elie (flag:FR)
Boshi (flag:DE)
TeeZee (flag:GB)
Harry (flag:US)
Alster (flag:GB)
E.St4 (flag:GB)
Wailtor (flag:FR)
Zorm (flag:FR)

Popuko (flag:US)
Matus (flag:CL)
Jackie (flag:CA)
Fuko (flag:GB)
Eevee (flag:DE)
Lily (flag:US)
Hazen (flag:US)
Jason (flag:US)
Francis (flag:PT)
Lucas (flag:US)
Impo (flag:FR)

Cherry (flag:US)
Sean (flag:US)

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