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Agility - Jan 5-6, 12-13 (Team Tournament)


Founding Member
and this one is in the books! Some graphics and VODs may be coming soon, but here's the final placements for now:

1 xı
2 Vestoid
3 Zealous
4 Divine Phoenix
5 High Definition
5 Vertex
7 Melee Y
7 World Friend
9 Arcadia
9 Blizzard
9 Jean-Pierre Pernaut
9 Mushroom Team X
13 Aurora
13 Dynamite Omega
13 Mushroom Team Y
13 Yoshi Family
17 Dynamite Alpha
17 Galactic Gamers
17 Inflow
17 Insanity
17 Jean-Pierre Papin
17 Magikart Community
17 Team Rocket
17 Wii Elite Clan
25 Battle Cry
25 Black Wolves
25 Elegance
25 Horizon
25 Latin Kart
25 Mandarina de Schrödinger
25 Noob Reborn
32 Ink Dragons *

We'll be having an Agility II in the future some time, expect more of these eventually. Let us know if you have any suggestions to improve the format. Hopefully it went moderately well for everyone. The tournaments will attempt to be low commitment, with the majority of teams just playing one or 2 days some matches, but we hope to have more exciting tournaments to watch and compete in. Thanks everyone!