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Time trials.


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My best TT time will definitely be the 200CC RR time of 1:34.5xx, was around 6th worldwide at the time and it was (and probably will be) my only ever top 10 worldwide.


Version 2
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MKS (9th WW) - 1:39.002
rMMM (WR) - 1:25.426

TH (3rd WW) - 1:27.942
rDDD (8th WW) - 1:20.517
dBP (3rd WW) - 0:46.901


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I haven't spent much time on TTs in this game but I would say my best time I've set is my 1:18.764 on rDDD 200, mainly because it's WR but also due to the amount of time I put into trying to get it.


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Mount Wario 1:44.400 (11th WW and AR)
Not a time I'm satisfied with, cause the run is shit, but it's definitely my best time, for now anyway.


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dBP 200cc 46.647 (2nd WW)
dBP 150cc 1:02.627 (3rd WW)
rMMM 200cc 59.477 (5th WW)
rRRy 200cc 1:25.199 (6th WW)

MKS 200cc 1:09.508 (15th WW)
rYV 200cc 1:25.769 (15th WW)

dAC 200cc 1:12.180 (20th WW)
SA 200cc 1:29.911 (20th WW)
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Since ive been playing on Deluxe for about 5 months gotten some records but im totally new to 8 since ive been playing mkwii but ive gotten a 1:29.766 on Big Blue 150cc