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    Site Developer Team Application Details

    Current Status: Not actively recruiting, but still taking applications (Apply Here) Description of position: We are looking to rebuild and rewrite the Mario Kart Central website from scratch. This is a big project that will take at least a year to complete. To reach our goal, we want to form a...
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    Time Trial Leaderboard Template

    The templates have been updated for DLC for a few weeks now, if there are any issues with them let me know
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    MK8DX Booster Pass Abbreviations

    As I mentioned earlier in the thread, this works great if you only speak to people who speak the same language with you, but if you want to tell a Japanese teammate what track you want to pick then standardised abbreviations are what you will want.
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    MK8DX Booster Pass Abbreviations

    Using amber and Rookie's suggestions the longest it could possibly get is 5 letters and that will only happen in two scenarios: 1. We get BC1, BC2, or BC3 from both SNES and GBA. I think this is unlikely since if even we get a BC from both games it will probably be different numbers. This would...
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    MK8DX Booster Pass Abbreviations

    Reposting this comment from amber as she isn't able to make an account right now
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    MK8DX Booster Pass Abbreviations

    I also think that using b as the prefix is not good for the long-term, we will end up having 48 tracks with the b prefix, while the other prefixes only cover 16 tracks. There are going to be way too many naming conflicts that we are going to have to keep coming up with unintuitive acronyms like...
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    MK8DX Booster Pass Abbreviations

    Personally I think it's important that we do settle on something soon, and the less confusing it is the easier it will be for new players in the community to learn them so I think it is important that we get them right. The main reason I think it is important is that when playing with other...
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    Season 4 Data Archive

    With season 4 concluding I have exported all the data from season 4 into a zip file for anyone who wants to analyse it or do their own data visualisations. You can find the zip file here: Google Drive Link There are 9 files in here: bonuses.csv, penalties.csv, penalties_deleted.csv...
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    Vike's Guide to Drifting in MK8DX

    --> Link to Guide <-- I decided to write up a guide on drifting mechanics as I felt I hadn't seen any good tutorials out there that explain it well. You can find the link to the guide at the the top of this post. Many of the details mentioned in this guide are based on research done by whoami...
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    Time Trial Leaderboard Template

    That could be because you did not sort the list of players, you need to make sure you sort the players from A -> Z each time you add a new one. You can do this using the filter button on the Name cell at the top.
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    Time Trial Leaderboard Template

    What is this? This is a google sheets template to help you easily set up your own time trial leaderboards. You might use this if you want: A time trial leaderboard for your clan A leaderboard for an alternate time trial category (e.g. shroomless, baby strats, flap etc.) Features Designed for...
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    MK8DX Game2Give Online 2v2 Charity FFA - August 8th, 2020

    Room 3 - Progressing 91. Royal | Zoomer | 6456-4703-4897 | royal#7538 + ruby | boomer | 2526-1941-1512 | ruby#4956 129. Koha | KiS≫Astell | 3288-1283-7707 | Koha#2220 + yanase | KiS≫おわった?? | 0658-3655-7590 | yanase#6459 119. Grande | みつキッズ | 1945-6185-8797 | #3313 + morokko607 | みつよし |...
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    [W10] Presto Brigade 412 - 572 Lunarfoxes

    Yoshiracer dc'd 3 times, joshua and Pablo19 dc'd once. Here is a VOD which has all the races and all dcs: GGs
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    [W3] Presto Brigade 425 - 559 Uprising ✔

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    [W2] Presto Brigade 519 - 465 Process ✔

    VOD: Notes: - Antwann DC'd with 1 point after race 1, rejoined for race 2 - Rod DC'd with 21 points after race 3, missed race 4 where the bot got 1 point, and rejoined on race 5 GGs!